Saturday, June 30, 2012

One last "Last!"

One of my favorite things in the world are strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles from Dunkin Donuts. While perusing Stop & Shop, my husband and I stopped to get coffee and there they were. Smiling at my from their wire racks. So I ordered my last strawberry frosted donut ever, and it was amazing!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well, ladies and jerks... it's finally a reality! Insurance approved me last Friday, and my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday July 17th. My pre-op appt w/ my surgeon is tomorrow, and I start my liquid diet July 3, just in time to NOT eat on the 4th of July! LOL. It will be a great test of willpower :)

T minus three weeks!! I'll wonder if I'll feel up to blogging from my hospital bed ;-)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting in the "Last"s...

Wow. I'm nearing the end of a phase of my life -- one that I'll be thrilled to be done with, but will really miss -- my "life as a foodie" phase. I LOVE food. I know I'm going to MISS food. I'm practically MOURNING FOOD already. It's quite sad, almost a breakup.

Mentally, I'm 100% prepared for this surgery. Giving up superficial things like wanting a second serving of dinner, in order to gain back my life. I won't wake up every day in pain from a deteriorating L5-disc in my back. I wont walk slowly at the back of a group, because my knee swells up so badly. My orthopedic surgeon assured me my torn meniscus would heal itself, no need for surgery. That was THREE years ago. I'm tired of being in pain.

I noticed that I've built a mental checklist in my headache, and I announce out loud at every completion... On Mother's Day it was, "LAST buffet ever!" On May 23rd it was, "LAST binge-drinking birthday ever!" I've already made dates with gf's for my "LAST winery tour" and "LAST ice cream sundae"... it's pretty bittersweet (no pun intended).  And although I'm 100% (maybe 99%) ready for VSG, I have to remind myself, that I don't have to complete my list of "last"s...

Instead of having that "last chocolate cake", "last ice cream sundae", "last pizza", or "last chicken Tikka Masala"... I can come up with a WLS-friendly version of my favorites, that aren't heavy in carbs, calories, or sugar. Rather than store bought, I can save some money (and sanity?) by making my own high-protein version of things I don't want to break up with. I wont have to mourn strawberry milkshakes, because I've ALREADY found the perfect substitution, with 27 grams of protein :) I just have to be creative!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Heh Monday?

This is an update to the last blog post I shared... I was wearing the same shirt (not on purpose), different jeans, so when I went to the ladies room, I thought I would take another pic. Just in case I looked ANY smaller...

and it's funny cause I think I DO look smaller! not by a shocking amount, but at least by something.

My surgeon's office is submitting me to insurance this Wednesday (two days)... They were supposed to submit me last Monday the 4th, but when I called my insurance on Thursday to poke them, they said they had no info for me. So I called the office, and they told me they needed ANOTHER letter from my PCP, who refused to write it until they saw me. Luckily, I had already scheduled my 6 month check up for this Wednesday, so I'm praying they can fax the letter to my surgeon's office that day, my appt is at 11:30 so that should give them PLENTY of time :D

Please wish me luck! :-D
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