Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 3... cakewalk!

and NO, I'm not walking and eating cake.... mmmmmm. caaaaaaaaaaake. d'oh!

I digress lol.

I was on my liquid diet yesterday (4th of July) while EVERYONE I knew was out BBQing... So I did what I needed to do, I went to my parents house (they're on vacation) and sat in an empty house, sipping water, eating soup, and sucking on popsicles... I knew that if i went to a party with my husband that we were invited to, I'd be pouting watching everyone drinking beer and eating burgers, or WORSE, that I'd cheat...

I'm on day 3 today, and so far it's been pretty ok!  Here's what I've been doing:

8am - breakfast: protein shake, small coffee with splenda, 20oz of water with a generic ice tea 'crystal light'
keep sipping on water
11am - snack: sugar free jello (or two!? depending on how famished I am)
keep sipping on water
1pm - lunch: creamy tomato or creamy chicken (no chunks), 12oz of water with a generic lemonade 'crystal light'
keep sipping on water
3pm - snack: sugar free jello, can of low sodium v8
keep sipping on water
7pm - dinner: creamy soup, chicken broth, or bouillon cubes in boiled water, 20oz of water with a generic ice tea 'crystal light'
8pm - dessert: sugar free popsicle



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