Sunday, July 22, 2012

Measure THIS...

I am currently 5 days post op.

I finally took all my body measurements, so in CASE the scale stops moving, I can still track my inches lost :)

left bicep 18"
left forearm 12.5"
left wrist 8"
left thigh 32"
left calf 19"
left ankle 10.5"
neck 14.5"
right bicep 18.5"
right forearm 7.25"
right thigh 33"
right calf 20"
right ankle 11"
bust 44"
waist 47"
hips 54"
OH! and the swelling is going WAY down. Right now I'm only suffering from bruise-related itching. The pain is pretty minimal, thankfully! Unreal...


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