Thursday, February 16, 2012

When I'm Thin ...

I work for a wine import / export company, and there are literally hundreds of bottles in the office at any given time. I don't work in the warehouse, but the creative team and wine planning team always have bottles perched and grouped on tables, desks, the floor, shelves, etc... and one day, when I'm thin, I will be able to walk to the bathroom without all of the bottles shaking and knocking together... My office is so quiet, you could literally hear a pin drop, and when I walk to the bathroom I'm VERY self-conscious about the noise I make. Obviously I'm not the only one this happens to, but I guess my emotions are amplified because of my weight problem.

So HERE'S to no more shaken bottles!!!


pollyhyper said...

One of the glass panes in our china closet is loose and does this same thing - I felt like a rhino until I realized it does this for my 30-lb son as well!

Slim Smitty said...

a rhino, lol! Oh Holly, now I'm picturing ourselves as some Disney-cartoon type Rhino's stampeding through a liquor store. HAHAHA. I love you!

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